Saturday, November 17, 2007

Heading South

Heading South oil 6 x 6
I think autumn is one of the most evocative times of the year. Unlike spring, which is all about rebirth and looking forward, fall is a reflective time - more about looking back than forward. It can have an almost sensual feel, made even more poignant by the passing days. The word "autumn" itself is a metaphor for loss and the passage of time. I don't know that I got all of that in this little painting, but I sure did try.


Stephen Magsig said...

Wow, This is really beautiful. Such rich color and value! I like it you don't see them right away, and the vee is repeated in the water!

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks for noticing that Stephen! I really worked on paring this down- letting the design and the color harmony carry it.