Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stocking Stuffer

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for an artist friend or just a holiday treat for yourself?

Studio & Business Practices for Successful Artists

Success can mean many different things- so this book is designed to help both professional artists as well as those who don’t want or need to make a living from their art, but do want to be better artists, sell more work and achieve more recognition. I share what has worked for me- and what didn’t, and why- over the last fifteen years of building a career in art.

No nonsense information from a working artist.
Here’s what is included:
~ The Three Keys to Success
~ Studio practices that make you a better artist and sell more art.
~ The Pipeline
~ Go Where the Collectors Are
~ Pricing
~Choosing the Right Venues- Pretty Is As Pretty Does
~ How to Approach a Gallery
~Self Promotion

For Successful Artists
By Deborah Paris


Caroline Simmill said...

Good Morning Deborah, both your books arrived safely, you are now in Scotland in book form at least! Both are beautiful books 'My Own Country' shows your work that is inspired by your arrival to your new homeland and the countryside that is around you. Nice to see some sketches there too and some good quotes too. I would also recommend your book 'Studio and Business Practices for Successful Artists'. I especially like 'how to approach galleries' I have always done that and agree very much with what you have written on the subject. I am making a few pots....... you will know what I mean! Best wishes with more sales on your thoughtful and inspiring books.

Deborah Paris said...

Thank you Caroline and I am so pleased that my books have made it back to my ancestral home. I hope I can do the same one of these days!