Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spring 2013 Workshop

I am pleased to announce a new workshop to be held next Spring, April 6-13, 2013, in Clarksville, TX. The Landscape Atelier is a new concept in the study of landscape painting. Ateliers (French meaning “studio”) were common in 19th century Europe where students would typically enter an established artist’s studio for training, often in a classical, academic mode. This study took place over the course of many years, building up the student’s skills through progressive training in drawing from casts, copying masters, drawing from life, then painting from life.
Drawing on this tradition, The Landscape Atelier is an eight day workshop designed to provide students with a start to finish methodology for creating luminous landscapes, based on observation of Nature, drawing and sketching in the field, design and composition, to underpainting, and indirect painting techniques in the studio.

Based on 19th century methods, this workshop will start with the basics of field sketching and observation in the field. Two days of field sketching will be followed by a day in the studio working on design and composition, using the reference gathered in the field. The next five days will take the student through the indirect painting process, starting with underpainting, moving on to techniques of glazing, scumbling, velaturas and glaze impasto.
This will be an intensive, exciting workshop! For more information and to register, click here.

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