Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A "New" Inness in Dallas!

Stream in the Mountains
George Inness

Exciting news for Inness lovers!  The Dallas Museum of Art has recently"discovered" a work in their collection by American landscape master George Inness.  This painting, which has been in the museum's collection for many years and thought to be by Hudson River School master Asher B. Durand, has now been reattributed to George Inness based on research conducted by the Museum's American art curator, Sue Canterbury. 

The painting is now back on display with its updated attribution. Canterbury found a pen and ink drawing by Inness which closely resembles the composition of the painting. This painting is thought to date from around 1850, making it an early Inness and one that shows the influence of the Hudson River School and Durand. However, to my eye, it has those essential Inness qualities- mood (that dramatic foreground shadow!) , atmospheric effects- and a more painterly style than Durand. Here's an article about the "discovery".

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