Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Telluride Plein Air- Day 4

Fishing at Lizard Head Pass
10 x 12

Lizard Head Pass (10,222 ft.) is about 12 miles south of Telluride. The day I went there started out sunny but weather in the pass can change quickly . I was just finishing up my under painting when a storm started to roll in from the southwest. I was packing up to go when a car pulled over at the pull out where I was parked. This fisherman got out and proceeded down to the stream. I thought he provided the perfect bit of scale for this immense landscape.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah,
I absolutely love what you did with this scenery. That fisherman just adds that narrative element that helps us to accept the universe around us without having the feeling of utter inferiority and smallness. It is humane.
Btw - wonderful colour palette - a coolness and a hint of warmth.

Deborah Paris said...

Hi Petra. Thank you so much for your comments. That is exactly the feeling I was going for! I am feeling my way, color-wise, and I do think the hint of warmth underneath helps to give a bit of vibration. Thanks again for visiting!

Casey Klahn said...

How are you getting your pictures to post? Did you bring special lights?

I sure appreciate your doing these posts. This is better than the Indy 500 for me!

Deborah Paris said...

Hi Casey. I am shooting them with my digital camera in light shade outside, then downloading to my lap top and tweaking in Photoshop. As you can see from the next post, it doesn't always produce a great image. Thanks for visiting!

Roxanne Steed said...

Hi Debra, I just found your blog through Carol Marine's - this is beautiful work!!

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks for visiting Roxanne!