Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Drypoint -The Pond

The Pond
Drypoint 4 3/4 x 4
(Copper plate, burnt umber etching ink, Arches paper)
Available at Deborah Paris Fine Art

I've been working on drypoints over the last week. I talked a bit about that process here and here. The copper plates I ordered finally came and I've enjoyed working on them. They are harder than zinc so the burr stands up better to repeated printing and holds the ink better. Plus they look absolutely gorgeous when they are inked. One of the things I am finding fascinating (and unexpected) is how much pleasure I get from both the technical and artistic parts of the process. In fact, I've come to realize that it's hard to make a distinction between the two. My goal is to find a vocabulary in this medium which reflects my aesthetic and makes the most of its special properties.

I'm offering this one in an edition of 10. Because the plate is re-inked and hand wiped each time, there are slight variations in each print (Whistler did it so I guess I can too!). You can click on the image and get a better idea of what the surface looks like. You can click here for purchase information.


Lisa Rydin Erickson said...

The reflection in the water works well with the technique. Lovely print.

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Very nice Deborah... I am working on getting a press... I can hardly stand not having one! Now where to put it.....?

Stinson Fine Art / John W. Stinson said...

Nicely done!

Deborah Paris said...

Thank you Lisa.

You'll love it, Lynne!

Thanks John!

Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful work, Deborah! I love the atmospheric quality in the print and how you utilized the texture of the paper. The burnt umber tone works really nicely as well.

Deborah Paris said...

Thank you Brian. I've been reading about Tonalist printmaking in the History of American Tonalism ("THE book") so I'm inspired to add this medium to my work.