Friday, October 14, 2011

More Field Sketching

Lennox Woods Canopy
pen & ink/wash
6 1/4 x 9 1/2

This week in my online class Field Sketching for Landscape Painters we are using pen and ink and wash techniques. This has been a favorite sketching medium of artists for centuries and it is ideally suited for landscape work. Both Rembrandt and Corot used it to great effect and we've studied examples of their work as well as 19th century American artists like William Trost Richards.

This was done in an area called Lennox Woods, an old growth hardwood forest about 6 miles from us. It is one of the few remaining areas like this in the state and this one is particularly diverse given our location in the far northeastern corner of Texas. The Lennox family preserved it and gave about 300 acres to the Nature Conservancy. The forest is part of the Pecan Bayou watershed. I am working on a series of paintings inspired by Lennox Woods so I am over there a lot sketching.

I used a dip pen with a Hunt #512 nib, india ink and a small brush to apply the washes. The drawing is on Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. All images can be clicked for a larger view.




Anonymous said...

Deborah, this looks really nice! Sounds like your class is a fun one. Have you tried HP watercolour papers with Ink? It kind of sits on the surface and is really different form cp papers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wanted to add that a sharpened ice lolly stick works great too!

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks Maggie. I have not tried hot press but I will. I also use multi media board which is great for field work.

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Deborah, I love the last detail image... would make a great etching!!!