Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Rest of the Story

Evening Trees
12 x 10
Available at Albuquerque Museum Miniatures & More


So, I wrote about my wayward, mysterious disappearing paintings here. A couple of days after hearing that the paintings had been found, we were told they had been found in Salt Lake City!

Despite continued questions, Fed Ex has never been able to explain what happened. In fact, they originally took the position that the crate had not been delivered without a top. Meaning I guess that the paintings somehow jumped out, the top replaced itself and the paintings migrated to Utah. Really?

The good news is that one of them has already found a home with a collector in Atlanta and the other awaits adoption at Huff Harrington Fine Art.


Anonymous said...

Deborah, so glad they have been ‘found’! What a relief for you….

Caroline Simmill said...

Interesting to read about the paintings being found, the main thing is that they are safe and one already sold. Wonder if you feel confident to use the same company to post your precious paintings, it is impossible to create another in exactly the same one as that is the beauty of an original.

Don Gray said...

What in the world??? I've had carefully crated paintings arrive damaged from abusive handling, but never removed from the crate. And who's the bright bulb that decided to send on the empty crate?

So glad those lovely paintings surfaced in good condition, Deborah. It sure leaves you wondering what happened, though, doesn't it?

Casey Klahn said...

arrgh. grrr.

What a story. Is there a better tracing method, or perhaps an insurance available from FedEx?

Anonymous said...

Deborah, I just happened to read about your "lost" paintings. Unbelievable. I hardly can believe this story that was given to you by Fed Ex. What the heck are they doing? I would have gone nuts over this. I am glad that the whole story had a happy end! Those tabernacle frames and your paintings are just the perfect composition. Very beautiful! I absolutely love those frames.