Monday, July 16, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I am back home after two + weeks in the cool mountain air of Colorado. I had intended to post while I was on the road, but my iPad doesn't play well with the Blogger composing function. So, I didn't have a way to post images. 

Temperatures had been dry and warmer in Colorado in general and in Telluride prior to our arrival. However, soon after we arrived, the summer monsoons arrived with lots of moisture and cool temperatures. My morning walks were wonderful and I was able to get in about a half day in the field before afternoon rains would start.

Here are a few of the paintings from the week.

Aspens & Oxeye
16 x 12

The Hidden Pond
12 x 24 triptych

Twilight at Leopard Creek
12 x 16

While I was waiting for underpaintings to dry, I managed to get in some field sketching too.

graphite in Moleskin sketchbook

dip pen & walnut ink, wash

dip pen & walnut ink, wash

While I was sitting by Fall Creek working on the drawing above, I noticed a butterfly which had landed on my sleeve. I looked up to see a whole flock ? herd? of butterflies all around me. It was magical!

After the show, I taught a five day workshop at the Ah Haa School for the Arts in Telluride. This was the view outside the school! The San Miguel River runs right behind the school with a great walking trail that runs its whole length through town and then out into the valley floor.

It was a fun week with enthusiastic students.  I was sad to leave Telluride but it was lovely to be home again and back in my studio with Luna.