Thursday, January 24, 2013

Deer Stalking

We live in a very rural area and so seeing whitetail deer is a common occurrence, but this past fall we seemed to see more and more and closer to our property. In fact, the huge acorn crop of the big white oaks on our land attracted some regular visitors for several weeks.

The last week or so I have been out in the late afternoon looking for them in the woods across the road. We are surrounded by woods and fields and I have learned where they can be found around dusk. The other day I was lucky enough to be in just the right spot as four does came out of the woods.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Painted Sky

The Painted Sky Online Class
January 18-February 5, 2013

For landscape painters, painting a believable sky means creating a sense of distance, atmosphere, light, and mood. This course is designed to give students the knowledge and techniques to paint beautiful atmospheric skies.
In this course we will cover:
~ gradation of colors in the sky at various times of day
~ gradation of values in the sky
~ types of cloud formations and how to depict them
~ use of atmospheric and linear perspective to create believable      skies
~ glazes and scumbling techniques
~ using a variety of edges in painting skies
~ composing skies for maximum effect

Online classes are a great way to study at a slower, measured pace and on your own schedule. Participation is limited to ten students, so there is plenty of individual attention. To learn more about how these classes work, click here.
Many students find this way of learning to be challenging, effective and convenient. In any given class I may have students from throughout the US as well as Canada, the UK and Europe, so it makes for a lively, interesting learning experience. Click here to read what students have to say.

Jump start your creative efforts in the New Year-register today!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


In Morning Light

This image might seem an odd one to use on this cold, wintery January 1st. But, it seemed to fit perfectly with my frame of mind as the new year begins.

We all look forward to the new year and the chance, at least metaphorically, to begin again. Our resolutions often focus on what we can do better or what we can do less or more of. I am less in a reforming frame of mind than one of renewed and grateful dedication. Serious illness, which I have faced these last six months, has a way of focusing the mind wonderfully. It brings pain and fear but also reveals much about ourselves and those around us. In my case, I am grateful to begin the new year well, cured and whole. I am more than ever sure of my path and eager to do the work I am meant to do.