Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer-Rick's Pool

Summer-Rick's Pool
Vine charcoal on Strathmore paper
5 1/2" x 8 1/4"

Rick’s Pool

In spring its surface is inscribed
With trails of water bugs
Across the water’s answer to the sky

On August nights the moon dips low into its darkness
While heavy breathing frogs chant
Their shimmering songs

In late October while birds make haste
Brittle pieces of color float,
Then sink, as autumn’s moment dies.

Muffled and bare at last,
And wrapped in December’s shroud
It waits in silence for what comes next

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Evening

Summer Evening
36 x 30

Our big cumulus clouds have created some big storms this summer and also some lovely evening light the last few weeks. I am working on ten good sized pieces for fall shows and to restock galleries with new work. This is the first to be completed.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Woods
7 3/4 x 8 1/4
Vine Charcoal on Canson paper

This week it was hot in Texas with big well developed cumulus clouds forming in the afternoons. When we moved here a few years ago, I really missed those clouds. We seemed to just get high cirrus clouds. But, this summer we've had the big boys! Yesterday I saw some really large ones, all stacked up to the north as I was walking back from the studio to the house in late afternoon. Soon after, a ferocious storm blew in and our power was knocked out for a few hours. This morning I noticed one of the huge old white oaks across the road had come down.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drawing My Way Back

Whenever I am out of the studio for a while - as I have been for the last few weeks- it takes me a while to get back into the rhythm of long days spent at the easel. When I leave there are usually works in progress and plenty of ideas for new pieces that languish in my absence. Starting on those immediately would feel like jumping into the deep end of the pool, so I stick my toe in and wade out to the deeper waters slowly. Usually, I do this by drawing-nothing serious in the way of finished drawings, but simply reacquainting myself with visual ideas by doing pages and pages of thumbnail sketches. This always builds excitement and within a day or so I am ready to start.

Southwest Corner
Vine Charcoal on Strathmore paper

I have just announced a new online course- Studio & Business Practices for Successful Artists. I am really excited about this class. There are lots of courses on the business side of art, but I think what I have to offer is unique-the straight scoop from a working artist-from the trenches so to speak. There is a direct connection between what happens in the studio and the business side of art, particularly sales, and this course is designed to explore that connection. As a working artist with a business background (my former life) I think I have a valuable perspective and wealth of knowledge and information which can save years of trial and error. This course is for professional artists as well as those who don't want or need to make a living from their art, but want to be better artists, sell more work and gain more recognition. Go here for more information and to register.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back Home

We got home late Thursday after a quick trip to Denver to visit family. On the way back we stopped at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City which is the site of the prestigious Prix de West annual show and also home to a fabulous collection of art. As I have mentioned before, my friend and mentor Hollis Willford (1940-2007) was a two time Prix de West winner. His monumental Welcome Sundown stands outside the entrance to the museum.

Although seeing the current Prix de West show on exhibit was a treat, the most moving part of the visit for me was to see, once again, Wilson Hurley's gigantic triptychs which are installed in a special room. I have written about Hurley here and why he and his work have influenced me. Here are a few very poor shots taken with a cell phone camera. You can't see much about the art but you can get a sense of the scale. Makes my little triptych efforts look very puny! For more about Wilson Hurley's triptych project for the museum you can go here.

That's me standing across the room and also in front of the New Mexico triptych (below).

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Telluride Plein Air- Day Six

The Hidden Pond
12 x 24 triptych

Last year as we were driving out of Telluride I noticed a small pond set back from the road and screened by a stand of aspens. I managed to get Steve to stop and find a small turn off which took us back behind the pond. That was the photo I posted earlier this week. Here is the piece I completed this year at that spot. Although it hasn't found a home yet (several others did today though!) , there has been a good deal of interest. Tomorrow is the second and last day of the public sale.

Tomorrow is the big 4th of July bash in Telluride. For a tiny town, Telluride does the 4th right. Almost every house in town is festooned with flags as are all the street lamps. About 8,000 visitors will crowd into this small town nestled at the end of a box canyon for a good old fashioned home grown parade. All veterans whether residents or visitors are invited to walk in the parade (Steve will walk in the parade again this year, USMC 1967-69). Right as the parade gets underway, two F-16s come screaming down the valley from the west , flying right over Main Street and then bank up and away over the San Juans. Later, the fire department hosts a huge barbeque and spectacular fireworks at the town park. Its a great place to spend the 4th and to say Happy Birthday America!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Telluride Plein Air-Day Five continued

Despite pouring rain, there was a good turnout for the silent auction tonight. Bidding seemed to be light but happily Evening on the San Miguel did find a new home. I want to thank everyone who has left comments this week- your encouragement means so much to me.

The public sale starts tomorrow and the forecast is improving. I'm dead tired but since I didn't deliver on that Sublime view I'd thought I'd leave you with a few images that fill that bill.

Trout Lake

Lizard Head Pass (elevation 10,000+)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Telluride Plein Air- Day Five

This morning we turn in our "artist choice" piece for tonight's silent auction. Immediately after that, the 90 minute quick draw will be held on Main Street. Tonight from 5-8 a silent auction and cocktail party for collectors will kick off the weekend's events. A public sale follows on Saturday and Sunday.

So here is the piece I chose. As you might notice, its not a "big view" after all. I painted two pieces this size, and pretty much all week thought I would choose the other one. But, today I decided on this one. Let's hope I'm right!

Evening on the San Miguel
16 x 24

P.S. It was pouring rain at 6 AM this morning but now the sun is out. Whew! That's Steve holding the painting up-sorry for the on the fly photography!

Telluride Plein Air- Day Four

Twilight at Leopard Creek
8 x 16
Private Collection

Yikes! How did it get to be Thursday!!? Here are a few more pieces I have finished (maybe?). Leopard Creek is a small creek down valley from Telluride. I've painted it several times and knew I would want to again. Its well away from all that Marilyn Monroe glamor of the landscape in and around Telluride and I like that.

Woods Lake Aspen
12 x 12
Private Collection

The elusive "big view" may have eluded me- as of this morning I am not happy with it and have been looking with more favor on a more intimate evening scene on the San Miguel river. Sometimes, a girl just has to follow her heart.