Monday, April 29, 2013

Drawing Trees- Student Work

My Drawing & Painting Trees class is off to a great start! In this  class we have students from Alaska to France and all across the USA. I am really pleased with the work they are doing and also with the enthusiasm they are showing for drawing and for trees! Here are a few examples. Enjoy!

Carole Baker

Carole Baker

Jessie Cook

Jessie Cook

Jon Main

Jon Main

Jon Main
(copy of Asher B. Durand)

Lolly Shera
Lucy Durfee

Mallory Agerton

Mallory Agerton

Maria Glodt
(Copy of Wm. Trost Richards)

Beppy Deaton
(copy of Asher B Durand)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Workshop Week in a few words and lots of pictures

The workshop bunch has come and gone and I am back at work in the Woods and in the studio. It was a good week with lots of hard work, fun and camaraderie. Here are a few highlights.

Obligatory group photo!

We spent day 1 & 2 in the field

Lolly drawing at the secret pond

Bea among the bois d'arc

Steve's wonderful food
My favorite workshop moment courtesy of Fleda Kraft

At work in the studio

A walk through Lennox Woods

Low country shrimp boil

Whatever I was saying provoked a sneezing fit!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Workshop Week is Here!

Spring's Promise
20 x 20

Later this afternoon, twelve hardy souls arrive in Clarksville from all over the US- Washington State to Florida to Boston and points in between. It is the inaugural of The Landscape Atelier, which is designed to provide a start to finish, eight day course in landscape painting. Our first two days will be spent in the field, drawing and doing painted studies to use as reference for the remainder of the week's work. Luckily, our stormy, cooler than usual weather is gone for the moment and we are enjoying a beautiful spring day.