Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out of Season

Summer Evening
10 x 12

This small painting was started as a demo in my workshop in Telluride last summer. I just got round to finishing it, and it will be available at Galerie Kornye West in Ft Worth next week. A bit late and out of season, but it can be any season in the studio- or several! This week as I was finishing this up I was also working on a snow scene of Lennox Woods!

I am back to work in earnest for my solo show next year, Lennox Woods- The Ancient Forest.  I will have news about that soon. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Field Sketching

The online class  Field Sketching for Landscape Painters begins March 8. Whether you are new to working outdoors or an experienced plein air painter, this course will get you ready for the spring and summer season!

Here is a description of the class. Join us!

Working from Nature and direct observation is the time honored way to learn how to paint landscapes. Unfortunately, many aspiring landscape painters miss the essential first step: learning to draw and sketch in the field. If you are unable to draw the landscape you will have a much more difficult time learning to paint it convincingly. Most classes and workshops jump into plein air painting without giving students any tools to make a success of their efforts. This course is designed to give you the tools to draw and sketch in the field with confidence, both improving your plein air paintings and leading to better, finished work in the studio.

Topics covered will include:

~drawing materials and techniques
~a history of field sketching and study of examples of 19th century field sketches (drawings, watercolors and oils)
~how to do close studies of elements in Nature, value studies and thumbnails sketches
~how to use field sketching to gather reference material for studio work (and reduce your dependence on the camera!).
~how to use field sketching to aid in working from memory and imagination

Not sure that an online class is right for you? Click here to read what students say!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Dawn Study
8 x 10

I am back to my morning walks. Walking is for me my most intimate connection with the landscape, my subject. I am in it and its scale (and mine) are obvious to me. Many of the artists and writers I revere were dedicated walkers- Emerson, Thoreau, Constable, Frost, just to name a few. This is no accident. Walking clears the mind and attunes the senses. It is a great pleasure, especially on these winter mornings when the beautiful, bare bones of the landscape are scattered before me.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Painting Water

A Little Night Music
12 x 10

Painting Water Online Class
February 8- March 8, 2013

For centuries the depiction of water has challenged artists. Its unique properties- transparent, reflective, moving, still- create wonderful visual opportunities. This course will cover water features such as rivers, lakes, creeks, and ponds. We'll examine both the natural characteristics of water and techniques for depicting them:

~ how are reflections created and how to depict them
~ how the depth of water affects its color and value
~ the structure of waves
~ how the surface of water is affected by wind
~ techniques and color palettes for water
~ using water features in your compositions

Online classes are a great way to study at a slower, measured pace and on your own schedule. Participation is limited to ten students, so there is plenty of individual attention. To learn more about how these classes work, click here.
Many students find this way of learning to be challenging, effective and convenient. Not sure an online class is right for you?  Click here to read what students have to say.

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