Thursday, October 11, 2007

Laguna Beach Plein Air Invitational - Day 5

Sunset from The Top of the World 18 x 18 Oil
The Top of the World is up above Laguna Beach- a public park overlooking the canyon and the town, and of course the Pacific. Its a great place to catch the sunset. This is another not so great pic unfortunately- just can't seem to get rid of that glare! Its a moody tonal piece-I think I got what I was going for here. Our three paintings from the week have to be turned in at the Museum tomorrow morning. After that, I'll head down to the area where the Quick Draw will be held Saturdaymorning. It is usually held in Heisler Park, but this year the Park is under renovation so the Quick Draw has been moved to the Main Beach area. I've never painted there so I'll spend some time scouting it out tomorrow. Then the Artists Party tomorrow night- a little time from R&R!

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