Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My class

Here is my wonderful class outside our studio for the week. I am so proud of them all- they have worked so hard and all have some interesting work going. Today we laid in skies over the underpaintings they completed in the first two days and there is some really exciting work being done. But its not all work, and lots of laughter and good humor have made it an enjoyable week so far!

Our lovely surroundings couldn't be more conducive to making this a fantastic experience. Here are few shots of the Braden River and the area outside the studio.


Tereza said...

Hullo Deborah.
Thank you for showing these photos. For some of us who live so far away it makes us feel that we are included in what is happening. It keeps me coming back every day to check out your blog.
You have one dedicated fan here.
Best wishes

Casey Klahn said...

That is a beautiful surrounding. What a treasure and I'm sure that helps the class to have this beauty at least when they get out of the studio!

Caroline Simmill said...

What a wonderful location and a lovely studio and garden area too. Good to hear the ladies have all been working so well, it must be exciting to see how their work is developing.

billspaintingmn said...

Will you be posting any of the paintings from this workshop?
What a pleasent view of things, Is
anyone wetting a line in that water?
I would be tempted to fish there!

Janette Jones, Studio California said...

What a lovely studio...perfect spot for a workshop...peaceful and inspiring.