Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Telluride Plein Air- Day Two

Woods Lake

Yesterday was a hectic mix of driving around looking for painting spots and dodging thunderstorms. Because I've done this show for five years now, I am not in quite as much of a panic as those who are here for the first time. At the artist orientation last night I heard "this landscape is overwhelming" about a dozen times. And it is.

Because of the indirect technique I use, I can't finish a piecce in one shot, so the first two days are a mad scramble to do as many underpaintings as I can and then spend the rest of the week trying to bring those to completion. As a consequence, I am lucky to get six paintings done, while others may do ten or twelve. So yesterday was all about trying to get three underpaintings done. One expedition failed, unfortunately. We drove up to Woods lake, a beautiful small lake with great mountains reflections, which I thought might be a candidate for the HRS piece. But, just as we got there a thunderstorm rolled in and the huge cracks of thunder canceled that plan.

We did run into this little guy taking shelter from the storm. Later after the rain stopped I drove back to a spot I'd seen literally on my way out of Telluride last year.

It seemed perfect for me, so I started a piece there. I also have a larger piece of the valley floor started which is, right now, the only "big view" I have going. So, I'm off to get another three underpaintings done today so I can start glazing like a mad woman for the next three days!

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Caroline Simmill said...

The photos are lovely and look more like Scotland with the greys and rainy weather! I look forward to seeing some of the works in progress Deborah. All the best with the creativity.