Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Long Goodbye
24 x 30

Available at Whistle Pik Galleries

I don't know why this film noir reference came to mind for a title while I was painting this, but I think it fits. This is one of three new pieces I will have at Whistle Pik in September.


Lynne E. Windsor said...

Lovely Deborah, a perfect place and time of day to take a stroll!

Casey Klahn said...

What I said before, only more-so. And add: Wow!

This design is hard to do, and here you have done it very well.

Deborah Paris said...

Thank you Lynne-I'm glad you like it.

Thanks Casey-I appreciate your comments!

Lisa McShane said...

Lovely Deborah. I especially like the reflection in this one.

gary bennett said...

Deborah, your work is absolutely beautiful. I love the softness of your edges and the glow of color. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Gary Bennett