Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Morning Fog at the Pond (2008)
11 x 14

Here's another painting from the archives. The image is a bit larger than usual so if you click on it you can get a good idea of the what the surface layers of glazes and scumbles look like. My aim here-other than to exploit the luscious, subtle color harmonies-was to create an envelope of air, atmosphere and mood.

These are very much the color harmonies I am looking at these days- bits of warmth from dried grasses and leaves still hanging on, coupled with winter fogs or heavy leaden skies. So, I plan to revisit these motifs in the coming weeks.

I've finally posted my materials information over on my new site for online classes and workshops. In the next week or so, I'll begin posting some rather extensive reading lists on different topics too.


Casey Klahn said...


That autumnal tree has poise.

hmuxo said...

Amazing pastel with wonderful Autumn colors. So soft with beautiful reflections.

Anonymous said...

i quite like your technique ;)

ti-igra said...

I admire your works! This picture is sooo soft and wonderful! Amazing! :)