Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Studio & New Home for The Landscape Atelier!

About this time last year we started thinking about a new space for a studio and for The Landscape Atelier. The south side of the historic square in our little town was being renovated, and a 4000 square foot, north facing brick storefront was available. The building is close to a hundred years old and in its time it has been a grocery store, a clothing store, movie theatre, and most recently a flooring store.

This is what is looked like in April 2013.

Now, almost a year later our new space is almost ready! It includes an exhibition space, studio, kitchen and full bath.

We are really excited to welcome our first group of students to our new space in March!


Carrie L. Lewis said...


Congratulations on the new space. It's beautiful!

Caroline Simmill said...

Congratulations Deborah, what a fine smart building you have created.