Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Moon

Summer Moon
36 x 30
The last week has felt a little like trying to walk fast in waist deep water. You know that feeling? You are moving but it feels like slow motion. Its part decompressing from the show, the trip home, having to deal with a bunch of stuff immediately and having a painting deadline for some larger pieces looming.

The full moon in June was just a few days before the summer solstice, which means it followed the lowest path across the sky of all full moons. That makes it appear larger to us- scientists have a number of theories about why that is, but everyone agrees its some sort of optical illusion. I'm not so sure.


Cooper Dragonette said...

My wife will tell you that the ER gets busy and weird on the full moon as well. No scientific explanation for that either!
I love this one and Goodnight Telluride. Fantastic!

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks Cooper! I am definitely a full moom fan -I love all the lore associated with it.

Deborah Paris said...

ummmm...that would be "moon" :)

Marian Fortunati said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and sent it on to a friend who is contemplating a plein air paint out event like this.
Your paintings are wonderful and I'm glad you were so successful... well deserved!! (Glad you enjoyed it too!)

Anonymous said...

Deborah- your blog was mentioned by Linda Blondheim on her recent post and I can see why.

The moodiness and light changes in your work is so evocative and beautiful.

Gorgeous work - very inspiring if not downright daunting to a new oil painter!

Stunning- really.

Deborah Paris said...

Hi Marian. I am glad you enjoyed reading about it and hope its helpful to your friend. Thanks very much for visiting!

Hello Bonnie. Thanks for alerting me to the mention on Linda's blog and also for your kind words about my work. Thanks for stopping by!

indiaartist said...

Love this Summer Moon! So peaceful, I feel Iam standing there. Thank you.

Deborah Paris said...

Thank you indiaartist!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Deborah~

Just thought I'd let you know that the other day, I got kicked out of yet another place. I think either you jinxed my career, or I look really undesirable and suspicious~

Dianne Mize said...


Deborah Paris said...

Oops! Sorry about that Terry..:)

Thank you Dianne!