Saturday, September 20, 2008

On the Cusp

Late Afternoon at the Pond
8 x 8
Please contact me if interested in this piece

This summer my husband became slightly obsessed with hummingbirds. We have always had a feeder or two, but this year he bought several more, then another and another. He was filling the feeders three to four times a day, and right before Ike blew through, it seemed like we had hundreds of birds. A few days after the storm the overnight temperatures dipped into the fifties, and the next morning they were gone! The next day I noticed how much earlier dusk came and that the sunset had moved to the south along our west facing property line. In just a matter of days, summer was over.

I know all this seems trivial in light of the momentous events of the last few weeks. But in a strange way, its the same: in a matter of days, things changed. Its just that hummingbirds and the coolness of the morning air seem much more real to me than hedge funds and securitized debt instruments.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

These are great paintings.
I like your analogy regarding the financial market and nature!

Todd Bonita said...

Thought I'd stop in after reading your nice comments on my blog, thanks...I'm not just returning a compliment here when I say.."My God! I love visiting your work" No kidding. There is something about your compositions, pallet and feel of the pieces that put them on par with some of the great classical landscape painters from the Barbizon school..I think you are fast becoming an important and significant American painter.
All my best,

Deborah Paris said...

Thank you for visiting Mary!

Todd- from your lips to God's ear! Seriously, what a lovely compliment-I am having one of those spells where I am questioning everything I do and why I am doing it, so this is very much appreciated. Truly.