Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Spring

In about 10 days I have five artists coming for the Advanced Workshop & Mini Mentorship here at my studio. They are traveling here from all points across the country, braving the difficulties of getting to Clarksville. In fact, one my students said that getting to Clarksville was more challenging than the logistics of her former job as field director for a state governor's political campaign!

So, we are in high gear here getting ready for that. I am also organizing my materials for the online Skies class I'll be teaching in a few weeks, and finishing up the last week of the Luminous Landscape class in progress now. I've got several larger paintings going in the studio, but none of them are in "postable" condition just yet. So, here are a couple of sketches by John Constable, the great early 19th century English landscape painter, who I have written about many times on this blog (see sidebar for links). Constable undertook several campaigns of skying during his career and left us with a record of not only the weather but the very heart of his art. Enjoy!


Caroline Simmill said...

Good luck with the classes Deborah. The Constable paintings are very nice, they have an old world feel to them which gives us a glimpse of life back in that century. I Like the second simple tonal painting it has a lovely harmony to it. In the first I feel the sky is very busy and there is plenty to see on the beach and sea too. I prefer a quieter scene but that is just a matter of taste after all. Thanks for sharing.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for posting these Constables. Great to get a view of your busy studio life, too!

Take care.

Lisa McShane said...

Hi Deborah -
I'm so looking forward to the workshop! And can't wait to see your work in person.

I have a solo exhibit to deliver 8 hours away this weekend (yay!) and then I have a wonderful workshop. I'm super excited about Texas: being warm and focusing on sketching and painting.

B Lancton said...

Like Casey, I thank you for giving us a glimpse into your daily life. It's indeed full to overflowing, and leads me to believe that you must be incredibly organized. Good luck with it! Your online classes are great. And thank you for re-introducing me to Constable. I last had known him through college art history classes 30 years ago, so had only reviewed him superficially. I've always liked him, but after reading your blog and taking your class, I have developed quite a love for his work. Thanks again.

Deborah Paris said...

Hi Caroline-glad you enjoyed them!

Thanks Casey!

See you soon, Lisa!

Hi Bea- glad you have become a Constable fan. The more you study him, the more there is to admire.

Steve sculpts critters said...

Yep, just like the ones I used to gawk at all the time in London.
Love 'em!