Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunset Pines
30 x 30

I started this painting as a demo for my workshop group back in late April. I dinked around with it forever, repainting the sky numerous times and glazing and scumbling the trees, and finally reworking the ground plane as well. Then came the photography. It's one of those that just will not photograph accurately no matter what I do or how I hold my mouth! Tweaking it in Photoshop helped but the saturation of the colors is off- knocking it back in the right places also dulled the more intense areas (the lit up trunks in the foreground and light coming through the trees). So, here it is- not exactly as it really is, but as close as I can get it.

I've just scheduled the Advanced Workshop and Mini Mentorship class for next year, April 22-April 30, 2011. The class has been extended to a full eight full days! Its held at my studio here in Texas and is limited to five students (3 spots left!) . You can click here for more information -including comments from this year's students- and to register.


Unknown said...

Your painting is beautiful and sensitively rendered.

Casey Klahn said...

I am glad someone has the same issues with PS that I do. I use V 2.0 on my old broken down laptop, too.

This painting works fine as posted - very lovely.

Caroline Simmill said...

It has come out very well Deborah, lovely painting indeed. You may have better luck taking the photo outside at about 6am before the light gets too harsh for summer lighting is quite bright.

Steve sculpts critters said...

Here's a quick way of intensifying/darkening/desaturating/whatever just certain parts of a picture in photoshop...

If you duplicate the background layer a few times you can, say, intensify colors on the top layer, move it down one in the stack, and activate the new top layer and erase through it to reveal more intense areas from the adjusted layer beneath, and so on.
Every once in a while you can flatten your layers and re-duplicate the new all-in-one background layer for further tweeks.

Now I have to go and re-locate yet another mouse I caught...!