Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting Ready for Telluride, Part II

As I mentioned in my last post, I like to think about what motifs I might want to paint and even do a few thumbnail sketches to try out some design ideas. Often artists who return to these events will choose to paint a few of the same or similar scenes from year to year. In Telluride, there are lots of "iconic" scenes and townscapes that get painted every year. Generally, I stay away from those subjects, but this year I think I might try a variation on that strategy.

Wyatt's Aspens
16 x 12
Private Collection

A few months ago I painted a small piece called Wyatt's Aspens which was painted from memory but based on a place in Telluride. The first year I did the show, I stayed with a host couple who lived in an area above the valley, near the airport. It is a beautiful, high place with gorgeous aspen groves and lots of elk. It was a wonderful place to paint. That first year, I remember being so surprised to see a hang glider sailing by high above the valley below but at the same altitude as me! It is not unusual to see airplanes on approach to the Telluride airport, winging their way right past you! I liked the way the small painting turned out, so this year I plan to attempt a larger version. Steve has made a beautiful tabernacle frame for it- so now, I have to do it!


Sonya Johnson said...

Lovely painting, Deborah. It's hard to go wrong painting aspen, I think, even though I imagine they're a really popular subject at the Telluride festival. I never tire of seeing them in life, in paintings, or as a subject in my own photography and art.

I was in Telluride last fall, and got some photos of the hang gliders over town; it was something else!

I'll look forward to your posts on the PA Festival.

Deborah Paris said...

Thank you Sonya! Aspens are less "done" than you might imagine. Many artists choose to paint the town rather than the landscape- and the antique fire truck seems to be the most popular subject!

Casey Klahn said...

I am glad you get out of the town to paint. Looking forward...