Thursday, June 30, 2011

Telluride Plein Air- Day III

As regular readers of this blog know, I am much influenced by the late 19th century Hudson River School painters as well as the Tonalists artists of that time. The HRS guys liked those big sublime views while the Tonalists explored more intimate corners of nature. I am definitely in the latter category. However, there are some wonderful HRS paintings of woodland interiors and this is one of them-Worthington Whittredge's The Trout Pool.

I thought about this painting when I went back to Leopard Creek to paint at the spot where Steve fished two years ago (see yesterday's post).

The Trout Pool

18 x 15

The idea I wanted to convey was the morning light streaming through the trees and bathing everything in a warm glow. As usual, the photography doesn't do it justice (really!) but I am pleased with it. In fact, I want to paint a larger more refined studio version for sure.


Casey Klahn said...

Goose bumps from this one.

Caroline Simmill said...

Dark, mysterious, unsettling yet beautiful.

Dottieb said...

This one is beyond beautiful.
It IS mysterious-wow.