Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Headers!

My friend and student Phoebe Chidester just designed two new headers for my email newsletters. I wanted some designs that were specific to various groups that I provide occasional newsletters to. She did a beautiful job- thanks Phoebe!


Caroline Simmill said...

Well done Phoebe, I like the font and layout it looks very smart. I found your latest video and talk about Lennox wood very interesting Deborah. Each time I go for a walk in the many forests near my home and over in the really rural and mountain areas I start to wonder if some of the trees could be as old as the ones in your forest. It would be interesting to see the different kinds of trees you have in the Lennox forest, we noticed at the weekend that the old Caledonian forests over at Aviemore had such good shaped Scots Pines, they had room to grow out, many of the plantations have long spindley trunks with pines and cones at the top only. We were trying to identify all the different pine trees in another forest on Saturday's walk, we noticed four different types. We met an old Scottish gentleman out with his walking stick right out in the forest miles from home he was simply gazing at trees and was pleased to see we were doing the same. It didn't rain!

Deborah Paris said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day Caroline! One of the great pleasures of the Lennox Woods project is the opportunity to learn about all the trees there and about forest habitats in general. AS the project progresses I will be posting more about that and also about the individual species we have. Lennox Woods is a pine- oak forest. There are several types of pines, oaks and many other species of trees- hickory, sweet gum, maple, elm, just to name a few.

Lisa McShane said...

I really like the classes & workshops one - very evocative.