Thursday, March 6, 2014


With cold temperatures and an ice storm just this week, it is hard to imagine that spring is just around the corner. But, it is!  So, it's time to start thinking about painting and drawing outdoors. 
Field Sketching I and II  online classes are coming up in April and May, just in time to kick off a great season of work outdoors! 
Working from Nature and direct observation is the time honored way to learn how to paint landscapes. Unfortunately, many aspiring landscape painters miss the essential first step: learning to draw and sketch in the field. If you are unable to draw the landscape you will have a much more difficult time learning to paint it convincingly. 

Most classes and workshops jump into plein air painting without giving students any tools to make a success of their efforts. This course is designed to give you the tools to draw and sketch in the field with confidence, both improving your plein air paintings and leading to better, finished work in the studio.
More information and registration are here.
                                                                        Spring Bouquet
                                                                   10 x 12

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