Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

Daisy, Dixie, Archie & Emma

Its finally hot. The dogs like to lie in the yard and bake their little brains (except for Emma who is perpetually on the hunt). While they are sunbathing we, however, are in high gear. We leave for the Telluride Plein Air Invitational on the 27th. This will be my 4th year in this show (I blogged about it last year here). We have several orders of frames to finish before we go and I am working away on a painting for the "Masterpiece" exhibition (the one studio piece we can bring which is exhibited during the week we are painting en plein air - I really wish they would change the name of that!)

And, of course my car is a total wreck (literally) so we have all sorts of logistical issues to resolve. My inlaws arrive on the 24th to house and dog sit while we are gone (thanks Lois & George!). So, no dog days here!

Oh, and just a few spots left in each online painting class.


Tess Walls said...

Best of luck in Telluride! Say hello to Jill Carver. I have several plein air works of hers and she's an encouraging fellow artist. I loved reading your blog about your experiences there last year and hope you do that again. Oh, and my back yard is populated by 3 baking retrievers--two that love to sunbath and one that only goes out to save face with the other dogs--then does an immediate u-turn to the back door to be with his humans!! Tess Walls

Deborah Paris said...

Hi Tess. Will do! Jill is a terrific artist- we also do the OPS show in Dallas together as well. I sometimes feel like I spend half my day letting the dogs out or in!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Love the line up! Good luck with the car and enjoy Telluride - such a lovely time to explore there.

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Hi Deborah, loved seeing the doggies outside! Hope you get everything sorted before Telluride, frames, car etc. I met Jill Carver at the opening for the new Insight Gallery in Fred. I had emailed after I discovered her art and saw that she was a fellow Brit. I think she is an incredible artist.

There seem to be a lot of distractions at this time of the year... I am trying to put up some new curtains... and then it's etching again. I will try and finish the wren so I can send you one... same with Barry's.

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks Suzanne!

Can't wait to the see the etchings Lynne!

Steve sculpts critters said...

Do you think we'll get to say 'hi' again on your way through this year?