Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the Road to Telluride

Telluride Dusk
20 x 20

We're heading out Saturday morning for Telluride. This painting is one I am taking for the exhibition which hangs while we paint en plein air next week. The insurance company finally authorized the repairs to my car and a rental, so we'll be driving a spiffy mini van with lots of room for frames, painting gear and other essential stuff.

Painting Telluride is always a challenge for me- much cooler light and big, spectacular views. Its the poster child for what the Hudson River School painters would have called "sublime". But these days, I favor more intimate settings, so I'll be looking for a clump of cottonwoods or a stand of aspens.
I plan to blog throughout the week, so check back in- and wish me luck!


Sara said...

Deborah, beautiful painting! Love the sense of atmosphere and gorgeous composition. Makes me yen for Colorado.

Have a great week, and good luck!

Sara Lubinski

Ed Terpening said...

Oh, Telluride, it's that time of year! That's where we first met. I haven't applied the past 2 years as I'm trying to focus more on workshops and local events. It is a grand place to paint.

Enjoy, and good luck!

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks Sara!

Hi Ed, yep, I remember you were blogging about the show, which got me interested in the idea!

Casey Klahn said...

Your involvement in events like this one has influenced me to apply/jury for a local plein air festival (Hood River).

Break a leg, Deborah!

Gregory Becker said...

Your work is for lack of a better word stunning. I love love love it.
I just found your blog and I intend to read every word.
I see in your work alot of what I want to bring out in my own work.
Talk to you soon.

Deborah Paris said...

Thank you Casey!

Hi Gregory and welcome! Thanks so much for your very kind words about my work.