Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Telluride Plein Air Day 2

Aspen Trio
Triptych- each panel 8 x 6

OK, so first-I am sorry about the quality of images I'll be posting this week. Trying to do this on the go doesn't always yield great results. Here's my fist effort- a trio of aspen paintings at afternoon, evening and night.

Last night's artist orientation was thankfully a bit shorter than previous years. It was great to see everyone returning and also to meet the new artists who are here for the first time. For a list of the participating artists and more info about the event click here.

Although everyone has told us about how much rain and cool weather Telluride has had this summer, today was sunny and warm. I've got the aspen triptych finished and most everything else in various stages- from underpaintings to first glazes. I'm using a bit more opaque paint than I usually do just so I can get the work done in time. This year we have one less day to paint (only three full days plus two partial days) so there is more pressure than ever.

Time to head out for evening light......


petra voegtle said...

Hi Deborah,
this "triptych" is absolutely beautiful. Even though these are small images they look absolutely serene - representing a wonderful calm mood, meditative.
I especially like the narrow golden frames - nothing could have fitted more perfectly!
I love this work!
Warm greetings, Petra

VickiRossArt said...

beautiful, Deborah! maybe there is hope for me with this technique...I keep working on mine from the class and find myself finishing them off with opaques!

Your frame ain't shabby, either!

Deborah Paris said...

Thank you Petra- I'm so glad you like them!

Hi Vicki. Thanks- and keep up the good work!

Jala Pfaff said...

LOVE this.