Monday, December 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I've just been "tagged" by two artists, Joan Dagradi and Stephen Magsig. As a very new blogger, I've been watching as others in the artist blogging community played this game, and now its a bit like getting asked to come out to play with the other kids in the neighborhood. Once you are tagged, you divulge 5 little known facts about yourself and then tag 5 other artists. The idea is to introduce artists whose work you enjoy to a potentially wider audience, and have some fun. I have to say that Joan's post was so entertaining, its a hard act to follow, but here goes:

1. My first and best friend as a child was a tiger (imaginary).

2. Although my undergraduate degree is a BFA, I practiced law for over 20 years before becoming a full time artist.

3. One of my husband's nicknames for me is Sybil (of multiple personality fame)- because I am both analytical and a romantic. It wasn't until I learned to make both these traits work together that my work as an artist really started to come together. Romantic Sybil wins out most days, and that's OK with me.

4. I love submarine movies - from Run Silent Run Deep to Das Boot and U573. Don't know why, just do. Dive! Dive!

5. My husband was a combat artist, serving in the Marine Corp in Vietnam 67-68.

Now, comes the hard part-tagging other artists. Because I am such a new blogger, most of the artists I "know" have already been tagged pretty recently. So, with apologies to the game gods, I am only tagging 2 artists:

Robin Hall, a wonderful California artist who is also new to blogging and
Todd Bonita, who was the first blogger to contact me after I started posting and welcome me to the blogging community


A Reason to Paint said...

Hi Deborah, I've just come in via Stephen Magsig's blog (it works fast doesn't it?!) and I really like your work. The light in some of your paintings has a kind of surreal fantasy feel to it that is very appealing. I'll enjoy coming back to see more.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Hello Deborah, thanks for visiting my blog recently. I had not seen your work so was really pleased when I got here. Your landscapes have a wonderfully subtle "Turner-esque" feel to them, subdued colours and yes, they are mysterious. I will be back!

Don Gray said...

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm glad you were tagged :) I knew Todd's fine work but was not familiar with Robin Hall--nice stuff! My there's so many good painters, it's sure keeping me busy bookmarking.

Really nice paintings you're doing.

Joan DaGradi Studio said...

Deborah, you're amazing! Practicing law, painting so prolifically and beautifully! I'm in awe and congratulate you on your many accomplishments.
Love the Sybil reference.
Thanks for posting.

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Deborah,
Thanks for thinking of and tagging me, it was nice to see you checking in. I clicked over and absolutely love these latest landscapes..the minimal pallet, earthy and warm, fantastic. There is a great artist here in New Hampshire named Dennis Sheehan that sort of has this feel. He's known nationally, google him and check out his stuff, I think you'll find that you are on the same highway as him.
Really enjoying your stuff, best,

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks for stopping by Todd and I really appreciate your comments. You are the second person to mention Sheehan to me recently so I will definitely check him out.

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks Sheila. I really enjoyed seeing your work. I really appreciate that Turner reference. One of my heroes!

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks Don & Triecia for stopping by- always appreciated. Deborah

Anonymous said...

Deborah, I just found your work via Carol Marine's blog--it's so atmospheric and beautiful! Looking forward to watching often!