Wednesday, December 12, 2007

November Twilight

November Twilight Oil 14 x 15
Please contact me if interested in this piece.

This is a larger version of the piece I posted on November 27. It's a bit unusual for me to simply size something up. It doesn't often work so more often finished studio work ends up being a synthesis of several small pieces. But I think doing these small paintings for the blog has somewhat changed my process. Even though this painting is very close to the Nov 27 study it also is related to many of the other pieces I have posted over the last month or so, in both design and palette. So instead of doing a number of studies to work out the idea for a larger piece (my usual m.o.) the small paintings are suggesting the direction for the larger work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah, I found your work through the network of "tagging" - WOW. Your work is simply beautiful. I love the atmospheric qualities and limited palette, I also really admire how you do not overwork anything keeping it fresh and honest. Thanks!
Materese Roche

Deborah Paris said...

Hello Materese and thank you for visting my blog. I appreciate your comments!