Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rick's Pool

Rick's Pool Oil 6 x 6
$100 + $10 shipping
This one has been in the incubator- that is to say, my head, for a while. Some take longer than others, but today I finally painted it. So, about the title. Here in Texas (or at least this part of Texas- its a big place) , people refer to ponds, often man made and used to water livestock, as pools. Occasionally you'll hear somebody call it a stock tank, but usually its called a pool. When first made, they have sides built up to hold the water, but I think after a while the cattle manage to return things to natural elevation. And they can get fancy- some people stock them with fish and build little docks on them. I even saw one with a fountain in the middle. But this one- on my neighbor Rick's property- is just your basic pool.


Alvin Richard said...

Your work is great. There is an old master quality that is very reminiscent of Dutch painters.

Deborah Paris said...

Hello Alvin. Thank you- I certainly appreciate that comparison! And thanks very much for visiting my blog.