Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Greys

Winter Greys 6 x 6 oil
$100 +$10 shipping
We have had cold winter weather this week with morning fog and cloudy overcast days. The colors in the landscape are beautifully muted greys in tones of violet, ochre and rust. I spotted this scene on the way to the post office and came back to the warm studio to paint it later in the day.


Don Gray said...

Very evocative, Deborah. The soft edges in this piece create a sense of motion--like a scene glimpsed out the window of a passing train.

Deborah Paris said...

Hi Don. Interesting comment- I did see it out of my car window at about 60 mph! Actually, often I find that something I get a glimpse of like that can be painted very effectively from memory because all the extraneous stuff is eliminated- you just remember the thing that had the most visual impact. Thanks for stopping by! Deborah

Takeyce said...

Hi Deborah! This is one of my faves. Just beautiful!